Monday, October 4, 2010

Martha Monday

Today was spent in the kitchen baking, baking...then baking some more! Sometimes I get on these kicks where I go a bit overboard with whatever it is that I'm interested in...and today was one of those days.  Lets go back a couple days to Saturday when I visited the Albany Antique Mall. I love just about all things antique or vintage, but I limited myself to picking one thing (with the rule that it couldn't be another Mason jar...don't get me started on how many of those I have!). After a good two hours of exploring, I settled on this guy

In all honesty I picked this up within the first 20 minutes of browsing and was 99% sure I was going to get it, but I couldn't pass up the rest of the shop! I've wanted a three tier stand for a while, and this one was so unique I couldn't pass it up. The bottom has a date stamp of 1956, from Mirimar, CA, and the leaf shaped trays are ceramic. I love it!

Now, onto today. I had this beautiful new tray, and I needed something to fill it up! I saw these spooky cookies on Martha Stewart's website not too long ago, and thought what better way to display my new tray and make some delicious treats!

I couldn't decide on just one or two though, oh no, I had to pick 5 different kinds of cookies to make. Five! I don't know what goes through my mind sometimes. Anyhow, a FULL day of baking later, here are my goods!

Up top, chocolate glazed madeleines with marshmallow skulls

Level two holds sprinkle coated brownie balls and candy corn sugar cookies

And bottom floor holds chocolate whoopie pies with pumpkin cream cheese filling (and more sugar cookies!)

These wouldn't even fit on the tray! Blondie squares with Reese's Pieces 

What a spread!


  1. oh. my. word. BEAUTIFUL cookies. beautiful tray. now i'm hungry.

  2. Wow! I love the tray AND the cookies. I think I want the recipe for the chocolate whoopie pies with pumpkin cream cheese filling! I hope you had company or something...HAH.