Friday, February 25, 2011

must be the snow..

something is wrong with me. i have tried and FAILED at making two DIFFERENT kinds of cookies this week. what's the deal? sure, i've messed up previous baking missions. but never this many in such a short amount of time. is something happening to me to make me a terrible cook? is this a sign from the apartment gods that it really is time to move on from dumpy college apartments? could it be the sudden snow storm we've been having?

all i know is, sorry to my co-workers who were promised cookies today. they still taste good, but they are smushed and broken. like my spirit.

at least its friday.

random ramble

every time i think i can't be topped as worst blogger ever...i have to go and outdo myself. oh well, i'm over it, cuz right now i'm in the mood to just ramble. and who better to ramble to than the imaginary audience of my blog?!

now i sound crazy.

today is one of those days that makes me think that i will never, ever get used to working nights. case in point, around midnight i hit a wall big time, and for the last three hours of work all i could think about was how much i wanted to just go home, curl up in bed and sleep forever. i stumble through the rest of the night, it feels like i barely pull into the parking lot, and as soon as i'm inside and the door locked...wide awake. when i first started working nights i was out as soon as i got home, but slowly that all went away. i lay in bed, wishing i was tired, but i just feel antsy. no matter how tired my body is, my mind just can't give it up. so i sit in bed, browsing the internet for interesting blog posts and shops, eating hummus and drinking wine out of a princess coffee mug.

does the real world of graveyard sound glamourous yet?

speaking of hummus, i didn't think anything could ever top my love for roasted garlic hummus...until i got roasted pine nut hummus. delicious! although, i did consider adding some minced garlic....i have a problem.

i've been trying to think of ways for me to better utilize this blog. i do projects and take pictures that sit on my camera for weeks (read: months) before i get around to uploading them, and by them it seems so silly to write about them since they've been up on display for so long already. i take pictures of pretty things i see or do around the apartment, but the quality of the pictures never does it justice (like the beautiful leaf-on tangerines i've been displaying in my three-tier dish...the dingy pictures just look ugly on the computer). I rarely get out of this apartment rather than to go to work, and there is nothing blog-worthy about driving to Albany every day to walk around a dirty warehouse. maybe i'm just not cut out for the blogging world? that's probably true, but it probably won't stop me. see the thing is, i think about stuff to write about all the time. i read an absurdly large number of awesome blogs, and i'm constantly thinking of things that i could do or write about or try out, but it always seems like by the time i actually get to the computer and have time to do it, i've either lost motivation because it has been so long since the idea came to me, or i just don't feel....something enough to be able to pull off a cheeky/cute/stylish/etc blog.

ok, enough whining. more wine-ing.

i've been doing this thing the past week or so where i'm trying to challenge myself to go through all of my earrings before wearing any twice. so far it's worked out. maybe i'll blog about that? maybe. but, for now, i'm starting to feel just the tiniest bit sleepy. and that, my friends, is just the kind of opportunity you've gotta jump at when you've been up for 18 hours.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

many happy returns

i filed my taxes today--hurrah! i've never gotten money back, so this year is kind of a big deal. its like free money! ssshh, just pretend with me. i have two big things planned for this little chunk of play funds:

a little getaway with the work gals

a blurry shot from my last adventure to VEGAS BABY!!!

and the bi-annual trek to my favorite place, with my favorite little girl:

so excited! good thing i only have to wait a month for the first one, or i might just go crazy with anticipation.