Monday, January 31, 2011

(not quite so) lazy monday

oh mondays.

things i accomplished today:

* helping the lovely Amanda pack up her apartment to move to cali
* waking up before noon (no joke!)
* spending more than 15 minutes with the bf
* finally folding the rest of my laundry
* the giant mountain of dishes that has been accumulating all week. i tell ya, i just don't know how they did it before dishwashers. oh wait, i do. because that's my life right now.

things i did not (yet?) accomplish today:

* cleaning the rest of the apartment
* going to the craft store (not that i really need to go)
* unpacking from the weekend
* fixing my quickly chipping nail polish

there you have it. nothing too exciting, but....that's what happens when you live in a small town :)

*disclaimer: at the time this was posted, i had not actually finished all of the dishes. but, i wrote it, so i better not make a lier out of myself! how's that for motivation?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

sometimes you feel like a nut

crunchy peanut butter is delicious. that's really all i have to say.

yummmmmmmmm! what a perfect way to start the, afternoon. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


tuesdays are my mondays. its a strange, upside down world in which mondays are the day you look forward to to getting stuff done and/or being a little lazy, and tuesday is the start of the week. but that is the world i live in. today, i made some tasty shrimp pad thai. today, as in just now, as in it's sitting on my counter in a foil covered bowl. why am i not devouring said delicious pad thai? well, because i grossly over estimated the time it would take (i love my joy of cooking book, but would it have been so hard to include some timelines?!) and finished it about 45 minutes earlier than necessary. so, there it sits, waiting for a certain student to bike home to eat it with me before i head off to the start of another week of being a zombie. anyways....

on a more cheerful tuesday note, i love kate spade. i don't have much designer stuff, and i don't really have the financial backing to begin a collection (yet), but when i do, it will start with kate spade. everything is so simple and classic, but still bright and fresh. i would take anything from her shop.

like these little studs:
signature spade studs

or this bag

cobble hill bag

and, obviously


the other thing i love, is that a lot of the pieces aren't even that out of reach, budget wise! i always have to talk myself out of going in the shop when i'm at pioneer place mall up in Portland...because i know for a fact that i would not be able to leave empty handed.

ok, enough rambling. it is, afterall, tuesday.

Monday, January 24, 2011

lazy monday

things i accomplished today:

  • making yummy orange chicken for lunch
  • watching Toy Story 2
  • going through two whole bags of craft stuff and organizing it--whew! 2 down....about 10 more to go
  • going for a (embarrassingly short) run
  • saying no to a second ice cream sandwich and having yogurt with honey and walnuts instead--which is not quite as tastefully satisfying, but is definitely more consciously satisfying
things i did not accomplish today:
  • post-lunch dishes
  • folding the rest of my laundry
  • washing the towels (partly due to lack of quarters...i hate not having my own washer/dryer!)
  • going through the remaining 10 bags of craft stuff yet to find a home

oi vay, mondays are lazy around here.


i know, i know, its a little late to be setting resolutions. and i've decided, i don't care! maybe if i start them later, they will last longer....

i've been thinking lately about this little blog here, mostly about how i don't give it the attention or love that a blog probably deserves (or i should say, the maybe three people out there who read it--sorry people!), so i'm going to try a new posting strategy. whenever i think about posting something (which is a lot), i get hung up on how i should do it, when i should do it, do i have pictures to do it, and if it's something even worth posting about, and by the time i'm done thinking about all of those things, the moment (or days) have passed, and it just doesn't seem relevant anymore. SO, to combat that, i want to try just posting whatever, whenever i'm thinking about it. pictures or not. relevance or not. blog-worthy or not! maybe it will draw me to some hidden blogging inspiration and this will finally have a purpose, other than an outlet for my randomness. we'll see!

today, i'm a little creeped out by the commercial i just saw for TLC's show "my strange addiction," about the guy with a mannequin for a girlfriend? i'm having a hard time getting over it.