Saturday, December 25, 2010

and to all a good night

i can't believe Christmas is already over! gah! it always comes so fast, which for some reason i never expect it to, but it does....every'd think i'd have learned by now. nope.

anyhow, my family's not big on pictures, so there are none to share (this year i wish there were, mainly to document my mom's adventure with the wii "just dance" game...though i don't have much room to talk, i'm sure i looked just as graceful), so i thought i'd just breeze past Christmas and look to new years.

primarly look to what i'm going to wear for new years.

if you've ever had the joy (read: excruciating pain) of trying to help me choose an outfit, especially when i'm trying to look special or cute or hip or whatever look i'm going for but just can't quite achieve it no matter what i wear or how many suggestions you throw out (read: what happens to Carolyn. every time. sorry Carolyn.), then you are probably shaking your head and saying to yourself "well, good thing you're giving yourself a week head start. good luck deciding by friday."

you may also be asking yourself why i can't seem to help writing ridiculously long run-on sentences.

but, i digress. moving on....we're going out on the town this year, a first for me and new years (!) dinner, fancy drinks, hotel, beautiful city, the works. so, obviously, i have to look the part (or they'll never let me in to said dinner, fancy drinks, hotel. well, they probably would, but i would just complain about how out of place i looked all night, another by product of me never being satisfied with how i look. again with the digressing!). I've already got the shoes:

bam! except mine are gold.

I've been browsing dresses online for a few days now. i seem to be going for more fashion-forward dresses, ones that i love to look at, but that i would normally shy away from because i don't feel cute/sexy/trendy/hip/anything enough to pull them off.

like these guys, which i can't have because i waited too long and they won't get here in time:


*sigh* oh well. i'll probably just wear one of the five black dresses already in my closet.

ok. this post went entirely too long. that's what happens when you work nights and can't sleep, but everyone else in the house is still normal.

merry Christmas to all!

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