Monday, January 24, 2011


i know, i know, its a little late to be setting resolutions. and i've decided, i don't care! maybe if i start them later, they will last longer....

i've been thinking lately about this little blog here, mostly about how i don't give it the attention or love that a blog probably deserves (or i should say, the maybe three people out there who read it--sorry people!), so i'm going to try a new posting strategy. whenever i think about posting something (which is a lot), i get hung up on how i should do it, when i should do it, do i have pictures to do it, and if it's something even worth posting about, and by the time i'm done thinking about all of those things, the moment (or days) have passed, and it just doesn't seem relevant anymore. SO, to combat that, i want to try just posting whatever, whenever i'm thinking about it. pictures or not. relevance or not. blog-worthy or not! maybe it will draw me to some hidden blogging inspiration and this will finally have a purpose, other than an outlet for my randomness. we'll see!

today, i'm a little creeped out by the commercial i just saw for TLC's show "my strange addiction," about the guy with a mannequin for a girlfriend? i'm having a hard time getting over it.

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