Tuesday, October 4, 2011


it's no secret that pinterest is hands down the most inspirational and pretty way to waste time. if you don't know about it yet (have you been living under a cyber rock?!), pinterest is a visual bookmarking site that lets users "pin" images to virtual boards. you can follow other users to see what pretty things they pin, and you can search for items based on what you're looking for, plus the entire site is categorized to make searching that much easier. it's seriously a one-stop shop for anything and everything you could imagine, from DIY projects, recipes, fashion, celebrities, and just all around pretty images. i am constantly searching and browsing and pinning, sometimes inevitably for hours on end (you can follow me here

a lot of times i'll go to pinterest when i want inspiration for a project i'm working on, or when i want ideas for a new project. this week, i'm searching for the perfect design for this little guy that i've been dying to get on my desk at work:

it definitely needs to be prettied up. here are some of the pins that i've been eyeing for some inspiration--now i just have to choose!

love the neon...

scrapbook paper and modge podge never let me down...

but something about this au naturale look speaks to me

thoughts?! i'd love to hear your ideas!

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