Sunday, October 23, 2011

lyrical DIY

i finally got around to finishing a project that i've been thinking of non-stop since seeing the how-to on A Beautiful Mess (which, if you don't read, you are definitely missing out! Elsie is downright adorable, and i love every single post and project--so much inspiration!). in the original how-to she uses a scenic painting, but i had the hardest time finding one at second hand shops, or a paint by numbers to do myself, so i switched it up a bit and just painted my own background. here's my version of the song lyric wall art--enjoy!

supplies you'll need:

  • letter stickers (mine are Martha Stewart, but next time i plan to use something with more sticking power, they did not want to stay down)
  • paint brushes
  • painters or masking tape
  • paint--both white paint, and whatever colors you choose for the base
  • canvas
Step one: paint your design

i chose to do stripes for this first go 'round, basically because they are so darn simple. i did them in two steps. first i used tape to create guidelines for the bigger stripes (shown above). then, once they were completely dry, i painted in the lines where the tape was, again using tape over the already painted areas to keep the clean lines (i didn't get a photo of the second round of painting, but the fourth color i used was a deep plum).

steps two & three: put your letters on and paint over them

i also forgot to snap a photo before i painted over the letters, but you can see the stickers through the paint here. like i said earlier, these stickers did not want to stay down, which led to some of the white bleeding into the letters. the lyrics i chose are from this song, one of my favorites. 

step four: peel the stickers and enjoy!
 i also taped off the left side of the canvas before painting on the white to show more of the stripe pattern, which i'm glad i did with how much white ended up getting into the words. right now it's home is on one of our bedside tables next to my jewelry. i can't wait to make another one, there are infinite possibilities for more because i have so many favorite songs!

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