Monday, November 14, 2011

head start

this weekend i did something a bit out of character and started decorating the apartment for.....Christmas. before thanksgiving! i usually hold out much longer than this, not wanting to overload on holiday goodies before the holiday is actually here so that i'm still into it come december 25th...but i just couldn't help myself! i had a WHOLE day to myself, with nothing to do and nowhere to go and new martha glitter just begging me to break tradition--i was helpless against those odds. and now that i've started (and have tasted my first gingerbread caramel apple spice of the season!) there's no stopping this glitter train. here's a few of the DIY holiday goodies i put together this weekend!

this little bunting took no time at all to put together, the hardest part was cutting out the felt snowflakes...and being patient while the glitter dried! 
i'm also slightly obsessed with the tiny clothes pins that i found at Michael's that are holding the pennants up. it's like adding an instant adorable factor of about a million. 

i made this little "tree" out of a vintage woolen mill spool i found at the antique mall this weekend and some organic fiber yarn i already had. this took literally 5 minutes and i just love it.

this is not the greatest photo of these, but i was inspired by the new Ruche holiday lookbook to make some glitter candle holders. super simple, just paint glitter on the inside of a glass container (these are old jelly jars), swirl glitter of choice and let dry. i used gold, silver and plum glitter (all martha stewart) and they are so sparkly when lit! i also made the embroidery hoop picture frame that they show in the look book (thank goodness i'm finding new ways to use the dozens of hoops i have acquired! adam was concerned that all our walls would soon be covered with nothing by embroidery hoops)

i couldn't pass up the chance to make a new holiday treat either. i used this recipe via Jordan at Ramshackle Glam and let me just tell you, they are delish. i can't stop eating them. which makes me thankful that adam won't touch them with a ten foot pole...more for me! the little glitter cones next to them are a work in progress..i had visions of ombre sparkly trees, but so far they just look like muted candy corn.

what are some of your favorite holiday DIY projects? 

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