Tuesday, January 25, 2011


tuesdays are my mondays. its a strange, upside down world in which mondays are the day you look forward to to getting stuff done and/or being a little lazy, and tuesday is the start of the week. but that is the world i live in. today, i made some tasty shrimp pad thai. today, as in just now, as in it's sitting on my counter in a foil covered bowl. why am i not devouring said delicious pad thai? well, because i grossly over estimated the time it would take (i love my joy of cooking book, but would it have been so hard to include some timelines?!) and finished it about 45 minutes earlier than necessary. so, there it sits, waiting for a certain student to bike home to eat it with me before i head off to the start of another week of being a zombie. anyways....

on a more cheerful tuesday note, i love kate spade. i don't have much designer stuff, and i don't really have the financial backing to begin a collection (yet), but when i do, it will start with kate spade. everything is so simple and classic, but still bright and fresh. i would take anything from her shop.

like these little studs:
signature spade studs

or this bag

cobble hill bag

and, obviously


the other thing i love, is that a lot of the pieces aren't even that out of reach, budget wise! i always have to talk myself out of going in the shop when i'm at pioneer place mall up in Portland...because i know for a fact that i would not be able to leave empty handed.

ok, enough rambling. it is, afterall, tuesday.

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