Monday, January 24, 2011

lazy monday

things i accomplished today:

  • making yummy orange chicken for lunch
  • watching Toy Story 2
  • going through two whole bags of craft stuff and organizing it--whew! 2 down....about 10 more to go
  • going for a (embarrassingly short) run
  • saying no to a second ice cream sandwich and having yogurt with honey and walnuts instead--which is not quite as tastefully satisfying, but is definitely more consciously satisfying
things i did not accomplish today:
  • post-lunch dishes
  • folding the rest of my laundry
  • washing the towels (partly due to lack of quarters...i hate not having my own washer/dryer!)
  • going through the remaining 10 bags of craft stuff yet to find a home

oi vay, mondays are lazy around here.

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