Monday, January 31, 2011

(not quite so) lazy monday

oh mondays.

things i accomplished today:

* helping the lovely Amanda pack up her apartment to move to cali
* waking up before noon (no joke!)
* spending more than 15 minutes with the bf
* finally folding the rest of my laundry
* the giant mountain of dishes that has been accumulating all week. i tell ya, i just don't know how they did it before dishwashers. oh wait, i do. because that's my life right now.

things i did not (yet?) accomplish today:

* cleaning the rest of the apartment
* going to the craft store (not that i really need to go)
* unpacking from the weekend
* fixing my quickly chipping nail polish

there you have it. nothing too exciting, but....that's what happens when you live in a small town :)

*disclaimer: at the time this was posted, i had not actually finished all of the dishes. but, i wrote it, so i better not make a lier out of myself! how's that for motivation?

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