Wednesday, January 11, 2012

6 things

1. I love that Portlandia is on for another season...and that it's On Demand! Makes me nostalgic for my crazy city.
2. Why can't my student loan forms just be here already! I want to get my tax on!
3. I really want to throw a Star Wars baby shower. To any prego ladies out there...I will throw you a shower, I already have a design for "gender guess" pins--is your baby a Luke or a Leia?
4. 21 days, and I will be here:

5. This video never doesn't make me laugh. It's so silly, but I just love it.

6. Forgetting your gym stuff is the pits. Especially when you realize it after you get to the gym....not the best way to start the week. Here's to a better Wednesday!

1 comment:

  1. when you forget your gym clothes, that's when you get a towel and sit in the sauna for an hour. lemons-lemonade! i love portlandia...i didn't know they made another season (i'm very behind on the times)!