Monday, January 23, 2012

hopping aboard

I finally did. I took the plunge, hopped on board and got the Facebook timeline. Such a silly thing to blog about, but what I mostly want to tell you about is why I did it. Well, who really. Wait...that doesn't even make sense....moving on.

Facebook timeline has been one of those things that I've been leery of since it came out. I'll admit, I scoffed at it just a bit, knowing deep down that my profile would probably inevitably be switched to timeline without my consent, but gosh darn it I was going to hold on to the very end. Why? Who knows. Youthful rebellion, the fleeting feeling where you're back in high school and you're skirting the edge of some trend and think you're cooler for it. Whatever the reason, I just was having none of it. (note to past Brittinay--seriously?? It's just a little!)

And then, I read today's post on The Bright Life. Blogger (and my dear friend of many, many years. We were easily the best streamer-hangers that Floyd Light Middle School has ever experienced) Katie knows how to make everything just a little more beautiful, including facebook timeline. How? By creating absolutely adorable cover photos. The best part? She shares! She is so nice that way. Once I saw her gorg designs, I was all over that timeline. I don't think they've had a quicker convert since. 

Not convinced? Hop on over to Katie's blog to grab your own free download! You'll be glad you did. 

Alright, enough gibber gabber. I have a timeline cover to oogle. 

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