Wednesday, January 11, 2012

beg, borrow, steal

ok, mostly steal. I love looking at my favorite store's new lineups for several reasons. a) to drool over things that things that I know aren't in my budget (budget = $0, btw); b) to feel more inspired to try new things with the wardrobe that I do have; and c) to find ideas that I can borrow steal and make for my own! for example
how perfect is this leather tote bag! perfect size, love the color blocking and stitching details...but at $120 I have no delusions that this will be in my closet any time soon. But, how simple to make out of a less extravagant fabric? I'm thinking paint-your-own canvas style...

and what about this belt:
I even says "wrapped threads" right in the description! I definitely have a couple skinny belts that could use some spiffy-ing up...and there is no short supply of embroidery thread in this tiny apartment. 

What retail finds inspire you to DIY your own? I'd love to hear!

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