Tuesday, February 7, 2012

we're back!

Hello and happy Tuesday! We made it back from our Disney adventure and today it's back to the real world of work, life, and the cold. I should tell you, I brought my computer with us and had every intention of at least a few posts while we were gone, but we were just so busy having fun (and were exhausted by the time we got home every night) that the time just slipped away! I have a few photos to share of our sunny trip, enjoy! 

*Disclaimer: All photos taken on my iPhone, so apologies in advanced for some not-so-great quality ones. Also, you are about to be bombarded with pictures--you have been warned!

Main Street

Our first glimpse of the magic

We became action figures

Enjoying the sun in New Orleans

Trying to get a workout in 

Spinning on the teacups (NOT my favorite!)

Club 33!

We even saw people go in!

Not so sure about the Ferris Wheel

So high!

We learned to draw Disney characters

Adam's first time--he loved it!

Until next time Walt!


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